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  • Durability - The Flybar kids 26” Foam Saucer Disc Snow Sled includes a crack resistant bottom, and sturdy PE core build
  • Slip & Slide – Slick sled bottom slides easily over snow for a smoother and swifter ride
  • Superior Grip - Includes two large and sturdy handles with easy gripping ergonomic shape
  • Smooth Riding – Cushioned foam prevents bumps, sticks and jumps from ruining your snow day!
  • Unique Designs – Stand out and have more fun with our 6 fun and delectable designs!

The Flybar Children's Saucer Foam Disc Snow Sled is the perfect saucer sled for your child this winter. Not only is it durable with a crack resistant bottom, sturdy PE core, and two large easy-grip handles, but it also provides a great ride! The slick bottom makes it easy to slide down any snowy terrain, while cushioned foam prevents a rough ride. Any bumps, sticks or jumps will be safely padded away with no bruises or bumps for your little ones. This saucer sled has a lightweight design in order to allow even the smallest boys and girls to carry it up and down the hill all day long. Coming in 6 different designs, there’s something every boy and girl can proudly show off to their friends. Dimensions: 26 x 26 x 1 inches - Ages 6+, weight max: 110lbs