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  • What’s Included:  Squares (2 Large, 56 Small), Triangles (12 Equilateral, 12 Right, 10 Isosceles), 6 Windows, 4 Quarter Circles, 2 Wheeled Chassis, 2 Staircases, 1 Large Rectangle, 1 Spinner, 1 Door, 1 Arch
  • What Makes It Unique: The most pieces in any MAGNA-TILES set, featuring our most vivid colors yet and unique pieces not found in other sets (windows, wheeled chassis, stairs, spinner).
  • Developmental: Certified STEAM toy, per Dr. Gummer’s Good Play Guide, in partnership with The Toy Association, for aiding in the development of fine motor skills, bilateral coordination, cognitive skills, executive functioning, creativity and more!
  • Great for Gifting:  Tops wish lists every year for children ages 3+.
  • More to Explore:  There are no limitations in Metropolis - add additional sets and watch their city grow!
  • Always Compatible: All pieces are compatible with and complementary to all other MAGNA-TILES sets.
  • Safety Guaranteed: All MAGNA-TILES pieces are built to withstand countless hours of playtime. The  signature lattice prevents cracking, while fastening rivets keep magnets safe and secure.